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miércoles, marzo 17, 2004

Music by: The Pixies [Holiday Song]

LEN Featured Member:Shar
Hometown:La Belle Province
Favorite Drink:
My Favorite Album of All Time:Impossible to say.
What I really Do Outside of LEN:Play with my friends.
Favorite Food:popcorn n' ketchup, double cooked fries n' mayo, lobster with shitloads of butter...mmmm
Favorite Restaurant:Great food, no attitude. Anywhere I can go as I am.
Marital Status:ya right!
Favorite Past-time:dreamin'
Favorite Sport:
ridin' - horses, watching Formula I - go Montoya!!!
Thing That Really Pisses Me Off:runnin' out of toilet paper - we won't use socks like you dirty boys do.
Favorite City:Liquor Central.
My Biggest Vices Are:hmmmm, where to begin. Potty mouth, smokin', drinkin', eatin' tons of crap. Now you know.
Favorite TV Show:Sesame Street
Worst Shit Ever:Stupid people trying to tell you how it is, when they don't know shit.
Greatest Invention:Rennie, Rescue Remedy
Stupidest Invention:alarm clocks - people should just get to wherever they're goin', in their own good time.
Hottest Celebrity:Mel Gibson's ass - Lethal Weapon 1
What else we need to know?Everyday's a different story.
Favourite quote:work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, n' dance like no one's watchin'.
Favourite lyric:Don't underestimate me boy, I'll make you sorry you were born.
Favourite movie:Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Escape to Witch Mountain, Wizard of Oz, Logan's Run, Shirley Valentine.
"Who you'd love to do a song with"Elton - we have the most beautiful song... Please sing it with me!
"Who you got a crush on right now"dude from Coldplay...crap, don't even know his name.


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