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martes, diciembre 02, 2003

Music by: Tool [Parabola]

Reservoir Dogs Test

With your 36 % you are: You're Mr. Orange! You've a strong sense of honor, and always do the right thing no matter what it might cost you. You are, however, an expert liar if you have to be. 23 % from 5008 test takers had this profile!

But you have almost become this:
With your 36 % you are: You're Nice Guy Eddie! You're a really vain, and get really upset when everyone does not do EXACTLY what you say when you say it. No matter what you don't think a thing will ever happen to you, your only soft spot is for your family and close close friends.

And that you are not at all:
With your 18 % you are: You're Mr. Blonde! To quote White "you're a fucking psycho." You shoot and torture people for fun but you always are rather subdued about it, always casual.

With your 9 % you are: You're Mr. White! Hot-headed, stubborn, with a strong sense of loyalty. White is the ideal friend, but get on his bad side and watch out.

With your 0 % you are: You're Mr. Pink! Smart, sarcastic, and a little cowardly you're none-the-less the voice of reason in tense-situations. But when the going gets tough... you get the fuck out of there.

Which Character in 'Reservoir Dogs' Are You?


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