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jueves, septiembre 04, 2003

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Jerry is with Kramer on Jerry's apartment. Elaine enters- she and Kramer avoid each other's stares

ELAINE: hell-oo

KRAMER: hell-oo

JERRY: What's with you two?

ELAINE: You haven't told him?

JERRY: Tell me what?

ELAINE: Huh, go ahead, tell him.

KRAMER: I, I saw her naked.

ELAINE: He saw me naked. Kramer, ... saw me naked.

KRAMER: Well, you know, ... it was an accident.

ELAINE: Who walks into a woman's bedroom without knocking. I want to know!

KRAMER: I thought it was a closet.

JERRY: Completely naked?

KRAMER: Completely naked.

ELAINE: Jerrryyy, How can I go on?

KRAMER: All right. I'll tell you what. If it's going to make you feel any better you can see me naked.

Kramer begins disrobing

ELAINE: No thanks!

KRAMER: No, I want you to see me naked.

ELAINE: No, no no.

KRAMER: No, I want to show you.

ELAINE: No! Jerry! Jerry!

JERRY: OK, just a second lets not lose our heads here. Kramer you know you are always welcome in my home but as far as Mr. Johnson is concerned, that's another story.

Un buen episodio de Seinfeld; "The Truth".

Via Cucamonga.


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