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sábado, enero 14, 2006

Music by: Damien Rice [The Blower's Daughter]


[Alice stands on Dana's front porch. The lights inside go on. Dana opens the door and steps outside.]

Alice: (whispering) Hi.

Dana: (whispering) Hi.

Alice: (whispering) Hi. I have to talk.

Dana: What. What's going on? It's 4 AM.

Alice: I know.

Dana: Are you okay?

[Dana is concerned. She looks at Alice. Alice stares at the ground, glancing up at Dana occasionally.]

Alice: You can't marry Tonya.

Tonya: (offscreen) Sweetie, are you okay, do you need me?

[Dana opens the door and leans inside.]

Dana: No. No, no, it's okay.

[Dana steps back outside with Alice and closes the door.]

Dana: What are you talking about, why?

Alice: (whispering) Because.

Dana: Because why?

Alice: (whispering) Because...

[Alice quickly leans forward and kisses Dana on the lips. The kiss is simple and sweet and tells Dana exactly what Alice was trying to say. Alice abruptly breaks the kiss and stares at the ground. Dana looks at her. Alice looks up. Dana pulls Alice to her and kisses her. This time, the kiss is longer, and full of passion and romance.]

[Several seconds later, the kiss ends. Alice puts her forehead to Dana's, and they both try and catch their breath. Alice is nervous. She pulls away.]

Alice: Oh, god. Okay. Gotta go. Gotta go.

[Alice turns and runs off. Dana watches her, steadying herself against the door frame. She puts a hand to her forehead, trying to regain her senses.]


I <3
The L Word


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