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viernes, abril 30, 2004

Music by: The Flaming lips [One More Robot - Sympathy 3000-21]


Supuestamente el Hospital en el que se basaron para hacer el Brookhaven Hospital de Silent Hill.
Lo creo.

"...It origins as a tuberculosis hospital date back to the 1940’s. When a cure for this disease was found the site became part of the state’s system of mental institutions known as Sunland. The large imposing hospital ultimately became a home for the severely handicapped... ...the hospital permanently shut its doors in 1985..."

"...Innocent children were housed in the same area as violent offenders. Reports of a less than moral orderly were followed by mysterious pregnancy of one of the patient... ...From these horrors or perhaps from the knowledge of the routine use of electroshock therapy to the scarcity of adequate medical treatment (there were hundreds of mentally and physically handicapped patients assigned to a single doctor), the allegations of patient abuse and neglect found their basis. It’s no wonder it was closed down..."

"...Accounts of flashes of light that emanated from the third floor and the sounds of things dropped or even thrown led others to brave trespass warnings and enter the darkened building itself..."

(Sunland Spirits; Michael Gavin © October 2002)

Más información aquí.


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